Thursday, May 10, 2012

The good kind of tragic ideas!

So, when I get an idea on what to post, I get a thousand ideas, and I want to post them all at once, but then it tends to get all jumbled up and I start a post that basically has no end. When this happens I'm on the computer forever, and after a half hour, my Mom tells me I need to wrap it up and get off the computer, to which my response is, "Ok, just a minute". Half an hour after that, my Mom comes in and says that if I don't get off the computer that she will beat me within a inch of my life. ( She so abusive. )
Of course, she won't actually beat me within an inch of my life, ( But try telling that to an 8 year old that's in trouble. Needless to say, that it doesn't quite have the same affect on me now ) and no I've never been afraid of my life around her. Except her look, you know the stare that only your Mom has, the one that makes sure you know just what kind of trouble you're into, that even scares other kids, but they don't even know the seriousness of the look? Yeah, that look. :) But back to my topic, the other day I was just sitting, pretty much not thinking about anything, when three thousand ideas flood into my brain, like the Niagara Falls! Well what usually happen is that I remember two or three, then forget the rest, BUT THIS TIME WAS DIFFERENT! I wrote down all my ideas (except one or two, that some how I missed, trying to write down the rest. Dang you ideas!) But if your wondering if this was one of those ideas, it's not, this one came to me when I set down to write one of my other ideas.( ironic right?! ) And do you know what's going to happen after I've finished all those ideas, I'm going to have writers block for three months. So that is the tragedy over having good ideas!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Books verses Movies

Ok, ya'll know how you read a book and love it, then they make a movie off of it and the totally screwed it up! Well I've only ever read one book, then seen the movie, and liked the movie better, and that is
I AM NUMBER FOUR. In the book I liked how there was more detail, and I liked Henry a lot better in the book too, but I didn't like how Four was so winey, and Sarah....well I wanted her to leave in the movie, but in the book, i just wanted her to die, yeah I know that's a REALLY terrible thing to say, but all that Sarah dose in the book is wine and complain about Mark, and kiss Four...a lot!!! And Sam is just some random filler charter! Well if I think about it most of the charter are, Mark, he has a semi important role, Sarah, all she dose is kiss, so yeah I would say she's a filler charter, and of course Same, as already said was a filler charter! So yes I finally found an exception for the role, that all books are better then their movies, witch most the time they are! But if anyone that reads my blog likes the I AM NUMBER FOUR book better then the movie, then I hope I didn't offend anybody!

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