Southern Dictionary

Word:                                 Definition:

Vittles                                 Food

Y'all                                   You all or all of you

Yonder                              Over there, that way, or in some other direction

Howdy                               Hi, sometimes pronounced "hI-dy"

Ain't                                  Am not or Isn't

Hiddy-hole                        Hiding place for people and/or things

Reckon                             I suppose so or Do you think? (stick reckon in place of "think")

Reckon?                           I guess, maybe or I'm not quite sure

Ain'tcha                            Are you going to? but faster ;)

The other day                   Could actually be the other day or 20 years past

Hitched                            Getting hooked up to something or getting married

Gonna                              Going to

in'                                     The pronunciation for anythin' endin' in "ing"

I...                                    How you pronounce a word with a long I, such as "rIght", "nIght" and "slIght"

Bit                                   A little

Tad                                 See "Bit"

Ri-cheer                          Right here

Naw                               No

Uh                                  The pronunciation for anything ending in "ow" like "yellow" or "window" so it's
                                       more like "yella" or "winda"

Ritechyonder                 congunction of right and yonder, meaning over there

Git                                 Different pronunciation of Get or in place of go. Exp: "Go on, git"

didja'hear?                     Did you hear

Them                             Used in place of "those". Exp: "git me them apples"

Young'un(s)                   Child(ren)                                                 

Oughta                          Ought to

'n                                 In place of "and"

Ya                              You

Basically cut off any'n all  "ings" and replace with "in'". Get rid of all "o" sounds replace with "ah". And never EVER pronounce the word to! Its pronounced "tu" as in "I'm goin' ta gitcha" .