Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me and Beenie

When I was little everyone thought that my little sister Beenie and I were twins. It wasn't that we looked alike (because we didn't/don't), it was because we were almost the exact same size (and because mom liked to make us matching dresses, which I didn't like too much). Beenie is a little blond haired, blue eyed kid, who, when she wanted to, could look so very innocent, even though she is mischiveous (don't you hate it when the meaner ones look the most nice?). And me, I was a little brown haired, blue eyed (not as blue as Beenie's, no I was grey blue) kid that when I smiled I looked like I was about to do something  to you (but most of the time I want).
So now y'all see why me and Beenie are the most weird when you put us together of all of us girls.

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