Monday, October 15, 2012


I dream of traveling!
I dream of fall colors!
I dream of the beating of a butterfly's wings as it flutters!
I dream of laughter
of a cool summer breeze,

I dream of the sound that the wind makes,
Rustling through the trees!
I dream of rain drops, on a spider's web!
I dream of my Lord and Savior!
And the view of the tied as it ebbs!

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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ok, so well...I'm horrible about posting, I hardly ever read anyone's bolgs anymore, and barely get on the computer. The first two things are bad, but I haven't decided about the other one yet! :)
So lately my Mom has been telling me I need to get out of my shell. I'm kinda really shy! I know I have a blog (which I hardly get on), but she wants me to be more outgoing in person too! Well I've been trying, and failing horribly! The people I talk to most at my church approched me to become friends, and well, everyone else I've been to afraid to talk to! And we've been going there for three years! So for a couple of Sundays I've been trying to break out in conversation with other people......but every time I do, I say things that make me sound meaner then I really am, and I put my foot in my mouth all the time! I do that with pepole I'm not afraid to talk to, but then its not so akward. So Im trying to be less reserved here. It's a good place to start, and might give me some much needed practice. I have lots of hobbies!
I used my hand as a moddle! looks a bit weird in the picture,
I'm not a photographer.
 This is a really big peace of card borad!
That I graffitied on.
This is of a creek near my house.
Yes, I know it doesn't look much like a creek.
It was one of my first reall paintings.
I think y'all can all see what this is; tell me if you can't!
Like I said before,
"Not a photographer!"
Shooting, and gunsmithing.
This is my gun.
The first one I made. I just finished it in August,
and I'm working on another one now.
So thoes are some of my hobbies (or talents, as my Mom keeps telling me, though I don't think that's an appropriate word for it). And the orenge thats under the gun in the last photo, that's Riah's blanket! She likes bright, correction, really bright things! ;)

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