Friday, February 22, 2013

Ok, so I'm steeling an idea from my sister! I saw her do this on her blog and it looked fun, its not exactly like hers but close! so sorry Ri! 
 I LOVE Herbal essences! It really doesn't matter witch one, they all smell REALLY GOOD!
I dont really wear makeup, but I really like the way she has it done here!
Ok so, no suspenders, and I cant stand those pants, but other then that I 
Wish I owned this!!!!

I really really want to do something like this in my hair! of corse my hair is a lot longer
But I really love it! To bad my Mom isnt so gun ho!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

My lovely sister Riah was broad and made me an amazing new blog design! And is going to take some pictures, for my profile pic! I cant wait to get it up!!!!! I have the best sister!!!!!
 But we also got a dog! Well are fostering him until Wednesday, he was a stray so we have to see if anyone will claim him before then, but if not, we get to keep him!

These ant the best pictures I've ever taken!  
 He's a Papillon Pomeranian mix, he's two, and his name is

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