Thursday, June 5, 2014


Well if you didn't know this about me, you will now. I am a procrastinator, BIG TIME!!!!! I also love to try everything. And having these two traits makes life......interesting! What do I mean by interesting? Well....I'm going to be going into my senior year in high school, (and trying to be an honor student) I just started violin lessons, and I'm trying to get a job. Oh I know that doesn't sound like much, but did I also mention I started volunteering at a food bank garden, I still am apprenticing my grandfather, and of course I couldn't live with doing art!
So with all this on my plate (all self inflicted by the way!) I have absolutely no time for procrastinating, and yet I'm guilty of it time and time again!
But the real problem is that with all of this, I procrastinate God. I have forgotten, or should I say ignored my spiritual life, lately it's been practically none existent. Doubting God, my beliefs, and blatantly refusing to face these problems, has started to turn me into the person I escaped from only a few years ago. I hate, and am ashamed of that girl, I never want to be her again! I need to remind myself that it wasn't me who pulled me out of it, and that I can't do everything, or anything on my own.

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