Monday, September 2, 2013

Sooo proud 130lbs!!!!!

Well as you know I'm not so good at posting reliably. So this month I've decided to post every week, and if I can every day. Wish me luck!
So I've started eating really good for me. I was inspired by my Mom, who has been loosing weight, and has lost 130lbs I'm so extremely proud of her!!! She's doing the Trim Healthy Momma diet and working out. I started just working out with her because I like it, but that's now turned into eating well. And I'm actually noticing a difference. Now know that I'm not doin' this to lose weight, but just to be healthy! I've never wanted to be one of those people that think that if they gain a pound they'll just shrivel up and die! :) But I feel better eating better for me, and you kind of feel like your accomplishing something when you make something that's good for you that tastes just as good as the bad for ya stuff!
 In the picture it sugar free, coconut milk, mint chocolate chip ice cream, its kinda expensive but we just found out about it so we'll probably not get it that often, but I really love it! And there's also Zevia witch is good too, I've only tried the cheery cola so far but I want to try more!!!

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